Challenge? I can take it.

I’ve studied AP Calculus and learned a foreign language. I have boxes and computer files full of photography that I love. I’ve demanded the truth and been awarded with face time. I’ve ducked behind a car to avoid the bullets I was certain would blast over my head at any moment. I’ve heard sickening details without blanching. I’ve convinced brilliantly talented artists that I know enough about their crafts to engage in intelligent discussion. I’ve worked in politics. I’ve read Proust. I’ve performed on stage with a British accent. I’ve been seen on national television and heard on the radio. I’ve asked guys out.

Hell, I’ve navigated Friday afternoon traffic on Storrow Drive. I can handle a challenge.

And yet I am incapable of creating an organized succession of yarn knots. What. The. Hell.

I’ve taken up crochet. I’m trying to, anyway. Charmed by the notion of a relaxing, hands-on hobby, I decided to immerse myself in the perfect winter weather activity. I imagined the texture of soft yarn sliding through my fingers as I nimbly navigated the crochet hook Nicole had eagerly gifted me. It was going to be absolutely glorious, the way I’d be able to wrap my brightly-colored projects around my neck, letting the ends dangle outside my winter coat.

Failed attemptsI settled into my favorite corner of my couch with the hook and a bundle of beautiful blue yarn.

It was the least relaxing attempt at hobbying known to humankind. Disaster. Scraps of knotted yarn fell in quick succession onto an ever-growing pile of poor form. As I muttered, “Screwed up, starting over” for the umpteeth time, I remembered that I’d never ever mastered the art of the friendship bracelet.

Yet another reason I hate winter. Stupid season and its tricky activities that leave me feeling inept.

(several hours later)
Success is mineI handle challenge well. Never had a problem with it. Truly. I like to think that I rise to a difficult task, without ever second-guessing my ability to complete it.

Take crochet, for instance. I’m currently learning how to make scarves and other crochetable items. I know some people said it takes a little getting used to, but I just find it so relaxing, you know? Sitting with bundles of yarn about, John Mayer serenading me through my iPod speakers, feeling those strands move through my fingers as I weave the hook through loops in the web of color I’m creating…

I need more yarn.