I’m not one to embrace and welcome in The Monday; I tend to need a little help. Laugh-inducing song, witty quip, anything that will help me get through the day with something less severe than a grimace.

Fortunately for you, with the new space comes new ambition. That said, I present Manic Monday: a weekly installment featuring some quick hit of absurdity that should help those of you out there who also suffer from Monday complexes.

Matt Nathanson — Don’t Stop Believing (Journey cover), live at Higher Ground, 10.23.06 (right click and select “Save As” — FLAC file***): C’mon. JOURNEY. As an audience member at this show, I can personally attest to the fact that Nathanson’s call for lighters in the air was answered by multiple people. I also proudly take note of the fact that this cover demonstrated the Power of Numbers Theory: when you get a slew of people into a single room and demand them to sing high notes, the collective whole produces something that almost sounds right in tune (other example: Ben Folds concerts).
Every time Nathanson covers this song, I imagine that Steve Perry perks up and throws a fist into the air. He just knows, man. The Perry always knows. (Link: Official Matt Nathanson website)

Information on how to work with FLAC after the jump.

***If you are new to FLAC:***
Oh, let me welcome you into the fold! The most-used format these days for live music download (I’m not getting into the issue of bittorrent until the concert I’ve been trying to download for three days finally cooperates), FLAC is a lossless file compressor that allows for easy download of what would be otherwise large audio files. In order to work the FLAC, download FLAC 1.1.2 here before you download your desired audio files. A smorgasbord of live music treats — including the Nathanson show — will become available to you, particularly via my favorite resource, the Live Archive. After you download the music files, open the FLAC converter, select the tracks and click decode. You’ll be all set and good to go. If that’s at all confusing, trust me when I say that it’s easier than it sounds, there is a FAQ section over at FLAC’s website — and the dividends more than make up for the learning process.