I’m not silly nearly as often as I ought to be.

I pulled on the handle of a door twice my height, one leg kicked out for full dramatic effect. Michelle burst into laughter, which I knew meant that she captured a good shot of my feigned struggle to bust into the Church of Christ, Scientist building. I began to snicker as I walked over to peer at my camera’s LCD screen.

“The Christian Scientists won’t let a heathen through the gates.”

The original plan had been to park near Mass. Ave., meet up with Nicole and check out (read: photograph) the Mapparium. But when M and I walked to the door at 3:55, we were already locked out of the stained glass spectacle we’d planned to take in inside.

So we improvised. If we weren’t welcomed by the Christian Scientist folk (c’mon, we had five more minutes before the posted closing time and we’d promised to be quick!), we would find a way of resuming the Action!Boston photo shoot already conducted at the Pru and in Copley.

The CS complex proved the best scene yet. Sure, it didn’t have Copley’s statue, middle finger extended, but there were archways, staircases, doors — all big enough to create a towering effect fun with which to play. There were poles and plants ready to be used. The laughter escalated as we moved from spot to spot, invigorated by the decision to be silly, zany, downright kooky.

When Nicole called, I laughed into the phone.

“When you get here, be ready for action shots galore.”

And she was.

Tomorrow in writing comes a description (in very basic, I’m-not-going-to-give-anything-away-for-the-three-people-in-New-England-who-haven’t-already-seen-it manner of describing) of a tale of tolerance, art and color, led by three males.

That’s right: I saw Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse on Friday night.

Also tomorrow: Ani DiFranco at the Flynn. Fourth row seats, friends coming into town and…did I mention it’s Ani at the Flynn?

(P.S. He doesn’t read these rambles, but I don’t care — happy birthday, Dad!)