The goal: to find The Boy of the House his ugliest tie.

We sifted through the piles with glee.

Blue with Art Deco red swirl? Could go either way — there was a certain style hidden within it that would come out with the right shirt to match. Not ugly enough.

Statue of Liberty cutout in black, purple and silver? Too easy.

Navy, with a wood weave pattern and dramatic blue, gold and red accents? Pretty awful, all things considered. Certainly the front-runner in the competition.

That’s when the choir of angels burst into song. The piece emerged.

Paisley. Pastel. A pale salmon color was making an appearance.

This could quite honestly be The Ugliest Tie in the Universe.

Three sets of eyes lit up with glee.

“Wear that one.”

“We have a winner.”

And I thought Girl Closets were fun.