No one deserves to be the victim of crime.

OK, a very small percentage of people, those who commit crimes, might deserve to have the tables turned on them to see how it feels.

But no one is supposed to go after My Mark.

Best Week Ever pointed out today a blurb on TMZ that Ethan Embree and his wife were mugged in the driveway of their home on Sunday night. The armed robbers got away with a wallet, the $400 contained within and a watch. Oh, and they threatened his wife. Because if you’re robbing someone you’ve recognized from his movies, why not go all out and really piss the actor fellow off, right?

Ethan Embree? Back off, fools. One of my high school and early college crushes, whose mere presence in Celeste in the City made me watch that God-awful television movie. MARK. This is shiv-worthy, folks.

But the interesting part? Embree reportedly raced into his house, came back out with a handgun and fired three rounds as the perps’ SUV zoomed away.

Mark with a handgun?

Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.