I’ve been asked a lot in the past few weeks about what I think of the Manny hubbub. Do I think he should stay? Do I think he should go? Am I actually going to agree with Dan Shaughnessy?

(For the record: the last happens more often than you would think.)

So. The Manny Matter. My take: let ‘im walk. Trade his ass. Buhbye, thanks for the strong bat, some great catches and for reading the Green Monster bounce better than anyone I’ve seen in Fenway. I’m ready for you, Manny, to depart.

He is one of my favorite things to debate Red Sox about these days, and I’ve been known to go off for long stretches of time, so I’ll keep it short. If you’re not going to show up for games with your game mentality, I don’t want you. He checked out for the latter half of last season. It was hit-and-miss during spurts before that. I don’t care how good you can be: if you don’t put in an effort, there’s no spot on the team for you.

Which means, laughing friends of mine, I do agree with Shaughnessy. Just don’t tell him, mmmkay?