After a few weeks spent lying on the couch or traipsing around Boston, I decided last week to finally get myself back onto the treadmill and elliptical for another round of “Victoria embraces exercise.” I always approach it somewhat cautiously — that’s what being a bit obsessive compulsive about gyms in the past will do — but I felt good about it this time ’round.

I had a special tool ready to get me motivated — and to be able to gauge when whatever workout I decided to do was over. Thank you, LCD Soundsystem, and thank you…Nike?

I’d heard about “45:33” about a week prior, but finally downloaded the beast and cued it up on Monday, after a week of gradual exercise reaclimation. The quick story: James Murphy runs. James Murphy heads up that which is the LCD machine. James Murphy comes up with a single track of continuous music designed to accompany runners as they do their thing. Nike says they’ll do it and pops the sucker up on iTunes for consumption.

For me, this corporate/creative jumble means that my iPod kicks ass as I’m running and…elipticizing? The tracks are trippy electronica with bits of jazz and other elements thrown in. Each segment of the track maintains its own steady rhythm and beat, allowing the runner to fall in sync with the sound and zone out as much as one can when one is busy sweating and staring at a window ever distanced from the treadmill. LCD Soundsystem maintains the sound I got hooked on earlier this year and there’s a conscious give and take — moments to take it easier followed by times to pump the legs faster.

The most amusing part of this for me, however, is the fact that it made such perfect sense. In March, I wrote specifically about how I’d finally realized LCD Soundsystem was ideal for running

It’s up on iTunes. I strongly recommend.