VICTORIA: Hey, I’d been hoping to ask you. I just got this new toy. Would you mind if I played tonight?
SYD: It’s totally cool. Play.

So I did. As he played guitar, I played with the camera. When I wasn’t laughing.

No, that’s a lie. I was busy laughing while playing on some occasions (and this was one of them). That’s what makes seeing Syd perform so much fun. The guy is so random, so quick with the unexpected remark or gesture that it’s difficult to predict what he’s going to do and when I’m going to burst into laughter.

And, to top it all off? The music’s really outstanding. Although it was a little bittersweet to hear “Live Now” without Patrick Thomas on the scene, we audience members did what we could to fill the void.

Head here for the full set or click on some of the images below.

Syd Syd Syd Syd Syd

In other news: I suppose that since it’s official, I should start referring to Matsuzaka by his coined Boston nickname, huh? We’ve got Dice-K, we’ve got Dice-K, he better pitch well, cause we have a lot to pay…

Watching the press conference today was amusing, but the question remains: what was more awkward? Theo uttering the cringe-worthy phrase “national treasure”? Or the pitcher saying that what sealed the deal for him was knowing that his family was provided for?

I’m going with the latter. Because we all know that it was looking pretty lean for the Matsuzaka clan when there was only $48 million on the table. Thank goodness the Sox brass came to their senses and realized that $52 was going to give the family that sliver of breathing room it needed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off on Tom Brady Consolation Watch