Gosh, I didn’t see this coming. I mean, I knew I had a shot and all, but I thought for sure that Kim Jong II had it wrapped up. And if not Kimmy, definitely Nicole Richie.

Who knew? Take that, bitches! I’m Time magazine’s “Person of the Year!”

It’s nice to get some acknowledgement from the folks over at Time, considering that this has been a year that has defied expectation. Hell, on many occasions, seemed to certainly defy common logic. I’ll get into that a little closer to 2007 — there’s no point in writing a year-end roundup before Christmas, I say — but I will note that it did set a really high bar for the years to come.

So, with that said, there are a LOT of people to thank. I apologize in advance to anyone I may forget, but know that I love you! I’ll start with God, because it seems like that’s what you’re supposed to do in this sort of thing. And then my parents, for having me AND not naming me Wendy; my brother, because after that whole headbutt-five-year-old-sister-Vickie-and-knock-out-her-front-teeth incident got out of his system back in Middleton, he has gone on to become my single most dependable friend out there; the staff of Starbucks for keeping me caffeinated; Topher Grace and Josh Radnor (and Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal, Theo Epstein, Tom Brady, Ben Taylor and Jon Stewart) for their aesthetic artistic contributions to society; Guster and RFAR for doing so much good with their food drives (and offering me memorable experiences along the way); the writers of Rolling Stone, Under the Radar, Pink Is the New Blog and, yes, Us Weekly for satisfying my pop culture cravings; my flatmates for aptly handling whatever news with which I burst through the front door; that really cute waiter at Flatbread for being so gosh darn handsome; my close friends for making me laugh and sharing their lives with me; my music-making friends and concert pals; my grandmother; the Boston Red Sox; Ben Folds; George W. Bush (haha, just kidding) and Paris Hilton for making me realize that my dumb blond moments could always be a whole lot worse.

Oh, and Jesus. Of course.

(So does this mean that Time really just didn’t want to be controversial this year? By selecting me — and you, and everyone else — they manage to make people feel good about themselves and don’t open the magazine up to scrutiny for picking one baddie as worse than any of the other baddies of 2006? Because that’s how it looks to me…)

Woot! Person of the Year is ME!!! Take that, Colbert!