There was much I had left to do yesterday. Preparation for the holiday was mostly taken care of but I’d scheduled my Saturday to consist of the last-minute shopping, creative gift-making and overall festivity.

Plans changed when I realized that I’d spent almost an hour lying on the bathroom floor in my otherwise empty apartment — wet from the shower I’d just attempted to take, covered with a towel, pale and feverish.

It was the longest stretch of time I would spent out of bed all day.

And I’d wondered why I’d felt so tired and out of sorts all week.

Sickness. Awesome.

After sleeping most of the day away (when I wasn’t busy staring at the ceiling, wondering what I’d done to deserve such a wretched physical state), I felt well enough to wander out of bed, eat some homemade chicken and rice soup (thank goodness for roommates) watch an episode of “Studio 60” and instruct my father on the train that runs between South Station and Foxboro for Patriot game service. When I climbed back under the covers, I cued up my computer’s DVD player and pressed play on “Casablanca,” the one movie that never ceases to put me to sleep.

At 1:30 a.m., my dire state became clear: I’d just followed up a classic (seen for the first time in its entirety) with a re-viewing of “The Prince & Me.”

Don’t worry, I hated myself too.

Fortunately, I’ve been feeling better today. Still not great, but able to cope. And, apparently, purchase. A good deal discovered at Circuit City this morning prompted me to check “Buy new laptop before California trip” off my list of things to do — and I’m typing this on the beast right now. Yippee! Behold, the wonder of Yoshimi, my new connection to the Webby World!

Looking over this post, I’m realizing that I’m not back up to speed in the mental sense…but hey. I’m over it.