Barring any unforseen realization in New Hampshire that I’ve forgotten something in the piles of things I plan to load into the car tomorrow morning, I should be set for arrival in Massachusetts tomorrow evening, where merriment and a three-day weekend shall be enjoyed.

And since I’m bringing Trusty New Laptop With Wireless Capabilities Yoshimi along for the trip, I should be able to send dispatches from that glorious location over the holiday.

But just in case, may I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas (and a delayed Happy Hanukkah, holiday or just plain old ordinary weekend — I like to cover my bases). Be good, but not too good.

Santa sees through that whole last-minute sucking up bit.

Trust me. I know.

Xs, os and ho ho hos,

p.s. Kudos to my friend Alicia, who sent this my way for the second glorious holiday season in a row. I’m not ashamed to say that I was jiving in my chair and performing along. Every. Single. Word.