My mother and I are now pleasantly sitting at a Panera table, sipping lattes and checking for online recipies.

But it wasn’t like that two hours ago.

MOM: Wake uuuuuup and go get reeeeaddy to gooooooo.
VV: What the hell? Seriously! Early!
MOM: It’s your own fault.
VV: How SO???
MOM: You’re the one who stayed up late.
VV: You’re the one who stayed up late with me!
MOM: You forced me to.
VV: Oh yeah. “Mom, you’re NOT ALLOWED to leave. You MUST watch ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ with me.”
MOM: You did.
VV: Uh huh.
MOM: Didn’t we do this last year?
VV: I think we totally did.