Let’s say your mother is thrilled to gift to her husband and both of her progeny baseball jerseys inspired by “Who’s On First?” The back of yours is labeled with “WHO” and the number one; your brother’s, “WHAT” and the number two; your father’s “I Don’t Know” and the number three.

You all burst into laughter, applaud the very proud mama for her find and pull on the shirts.

OK, that’s a hint that you come from a baseball family.

The real sign, however, follows shortly thereafter. The four of you fall into conversation about how if the shirt makers really wanted to be true to the game, they would have amended the numbers accordingly: Who as #3, What as #4 and I Don’t Know as #5.

Ah, Christmas with my family. Always entertaining. Always tough to leave.

IMG_2920 IMG_2930 Christmas Christmas Christmas