Let’s just get to it, shall we?

ABC recently launched BeUgly07.com, a website designed to give people (namely, girls) the resources and encouragement to realize that ugly could be the new pink is the new black. Inspired by television’s “Ugly Betty” and benefiting Girls Inc., the site will feature all sorts of information, events, merchandise AND a new original song by the one and only Jason Mraz!


But here’s the kicker, the aspect that amused me on what feels like a particularly brutual Monday (thank God it’s actually Tuesday). Per the site:

2007 is going to be one UGLY year — and we’re starting things off with a bang! Hundreds of Betty look-alikes will be in Times Square, New York City and Walt Disney World, Orlando on New Year’s Eve spreading the “Be Ugly ’07” message and also handing out Betty masks, so people can see the world through Betty’s eyes — where ugly IS beautiful.

Am I the only one who sees the contradiction in operating philosophies here? Inner beauty and the ability to go against tendencies to conform…through the use of masks and look-alikes.

Way to be, ABC.