“Oh yeah, the Paradise IS a lot of fun. Cool venue. It’s large enough to host a big show, but it’s small enough to feel a connection with the performers on stage. It’s kind of trippy, kind of divey, but in a good way. It’s not pretentious, you know? It is what it is, and I really like it.

“The show? Oh, it was great. We got there way too early, and we had to stand out in the cold, but we were among the first in line to get in, so that was pretty cool, I guess. We met some girls who were also there early — they’d seen the same door time we’d seen — so it wasn’t too bad. Cold.

“Howie did a great job — very growly, and you know how much I love that — and it was fun to see him in a different environment. Weird, though, not seeing him at the coffeehouse here. Virginia Coalition was crazy fun, with a lot of energy and good material. And Pat McGee Band? THREE HOURS OF MUSIC FROM THEM ALONE. My legs hurt from standing by the end, and everyone was so packed in that Michelle and I wound up heading up to the balcony to watch the end of the show from there. Howie was up there too — I double-took like you wouldn’t believe, so embarrassing — until he went back down to join PMB and Andy from VaCo for the encore. “SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL!” I KNOW! I was so excited — one of my all-time favorite songs and it was done so well!

“Funny story: there was this guy standing near us in the crowd at one point, and we started talking to him. Oh yeah — very hot. And his friend came over and started talking to us, too. He was visiting from California and it turns out that he’s on a soap opera. We realized later on that he’s on that new soap. “Passions.” You know, the one with the witches? He’s better-looking in person. Really, really good-looking in person.

“Check this out. They were selling posters, so I picked one up and then I asked Pat, the bassist and Howie to sign it. Isn’t it great? I’m going to have to frame this and put it up somewhere.”

“So yeah, I’m looking forward to getting back down there sometime. The place was really cool.”

Aw, happy anniversary, Paradise.

And in completely unrelated news: six years ago, I was a total dork.