Father Time wobbled through the crowd, pausing only to grab a beer bottle and take a swig. The audience laughed and cleared a path to the stage as the man’s stilted legs guided him toward Grace, Scott, Bryan and Matt. The small silver balls affixed to his jacket and bowler hat sparkled in neon-tinted hues.

As the band counted down the final seconds, the old man looked desperately out at the audience, put his hands to his heart and fell back onto the stage. He was unceremoniously carted offstage by the two Higher Ground staffers entrusted with the duty of moving an eight-foot mass of man and wooden legs.

With the new year upon us, the balloons falling from the ceiling, the hugs and kisses distributed among the crowd and the necessary take on “Auld Lange Syne” out of the way, the band tore into a cover of “Come Together” followed by a take on “Sex Machine” — and we grooved our way into 2007.