V: It’s kind of the way I was after I got over the whole Stood Up Thing. I —
B: Wait.
V: What?
B: The Stood Up Thing?
V: Yes.
B: By which you mean when you stood him up. And never called. Or emailed. Or left any word.
V: No. Yes. Wait. I only stood him up because he stood me up. I’m not the bad friend here! Well, OK, I was, but I was standing up for myself with the best option available at the time.
B: Does he know this?
V: I don’t know. That whole Stand Up Thing isn’t generally followed with a courtesy call. I know I’m new at it, but still.
B: OK. I’m not saying you weren’t justified in standing him up. But I have a feeling you could have very different takes on this story.
V: I’m sure. But mine’s the right one —
B: Because even if you used the “I’m sorry, but I fell asleep because I didn’t hear from you” excuse, that doesn’t work after more than two weeks.
V: It could. “I was on my way to meet up with you when the strangest thing happened –”
B: “– freak incident –”
V: “– and I was left in a coma –”
B: “– for two weeks –”
V: “– and I just woke up and realized that you never called.
B: Clearly, it’s all his fault.
V: Yes. So as I was saying, it’s like how I was after I got over that whole Stood Up Thing…