N: It’s so cold! How is it up there?
V: Supposedly the low today was 4 degrees or something close to that.
N: I forget how it is farther north!
V: Yeah. It’s great. Awesome. Truly. Tell Ferret Boy that I hope he and his polar bears are happy.
N: Ha! I will.

***Later, via text messaging***
Unknown number: No matter how much sufferage the cold is causing you, you’re not drowning in it. Remember that.
N: FB has your number. Prepare for many laugh-inducing messages.
V: [to N] I just started laughing. Do me a favor and hit him for me?
V: [to FB] Just wait until I get trapped in a snowdrift.
***A few minutes later***
FB: Look, you want to hit me you come down here and do it yourself!
V: [to FB] Can’t. Blame bad roads and global freezing. And then thank N for me.