I was thinking recently of “Under the Tuscan Sun,” more specifically the snippet of film in which Diane Lane’s Francis attempts to write a postcard for a fellow member of her bus tour.

The postcard includes a snippet of life, captured in a descriptive, stream-of-consciousness approach that makes grapes sound like the greatest creation of all time. I remember listening to Lane’s narration, relishing every word — and cackling when the literary gift was shunned by the would be sender.

I’ve always sucked at writing postcards. I hate the whole “wish you were here” thing because I feel it’s rubbing in the fact that I’m somewhere the recipient is not — and jokes never sound as good when they’re sent via snail mail. I also have a habit of sending the postcards out when I get home, which is just foolish.
But, that said, I’m heading to California early next week, and I’d be horrible if I didn’t attempt to send dispatches actually postmarked from the West Coast. Which is why I think I’m going to be trying to emulate Francis a bit — and why I will have stamps making the trip with me.

Are you interested in receiving a slice of vivid life from my travels? I might not make you run out to buy a bag of grapes, but I promise it will at least be a colorful collection of words — I promise to make it good.

If you’re game, send me an email at vickie.victoria at yahoo dot com with the contact information I should use for sending you a postcard. I promise that the information will not be used for anything else — just a chance to drop something into the mailbox.

Of course, it won’t be the only thing you hear from me about the trip — I’ll be updating this space and, I predict, the flickr account as I go.

But I have to admit, there’s something exciting about receiving a brightly-hued square of shiny color in the mailbox, don’t you think?