To understand why I was so happy to make a racket in the grocery store today, you have to know of the milk jug.

A long time ago — sometime in college, methinks — I took a big glass milk jug and began to fill it with my change. When someone asked me what I was saving my pennies (and quarters — a lot of quarters), I said, “Oh that? It’s my West Coast fund.”

The jug was eventually marked accordingly. And while I’ve cashed in on the jug’s contents several times over the years (come to think of it, I may have converted some WCF coinage to cover Sox tickets one time), I’ve always kept it in mind and kept it at least partially filled with the change I’ve collected.

Today I brought the heavy mass of glass and metal over to a local grocery store for the CoinStar converter process (there was no way you were going to have me roll all that, thank you very much) and made the loudest sound as I dumped the money onto the tray.

Woot! California!