I awoke early this morning to explore before my 10 a.m. call at REDCAT — turns out that my navigational skills suck and I wound up heading to Grand earlier than anticipated. The Starbucks along the way was closed, I cursed and then I kind of almost got my foot stuck in a water fountain.

Long story.

Anyway, I’ve picked up on the fact that Grand isn’t exactly known for bumper to bumper gridlock. Or a whole lot of cars in general, for that matter, so I thought nothing odd as I walked on the sidewalks without any cars to pass me by. And when a minivan of sorts did pass, I laughed.

How amusing, to have a minivan with a camera crane attached. Ha. Fun. Heh.

As it turns out, it was one of two bouts of on-location shooting I’d stumble across before the day officially began. Word on the street (er, among those in my group) is that NUMB3RS has been filming the last few days. Don’t know if either of these were a continuation, but I do know that I was devastated to not catch a glimpse of either of the Epps boys.

Sigh. C’est la vie.

Quick hits on the day:

– With the mountains jutting up in the background, Pasadena was rather lovely.
– I recommend that anyone who can see Deaf West Theatre perform does so.
– I inwardly swooned upon seeing the Capitol Records tower from the freeway this evening. There, I said it. Me = dork.
– It was at least in the mid-70s here today, while Beth informed me that New England is encountering a “polar vortex.” What the hell? Props to B for remarking on how Polar Vortex would be a great name for a band.