I’d thought it neat (dorky) enough to be able to visit Hollywood & Highland, but when I learned that I had a chance to meet the big guy, the dweeby fun went up to a whole new level.

The day on which I wandered north to Hollywood was the first in the “Meet the Oscar” program, something the Oscar folks dreamed up so as to give mere mortals such as myself a chance to see the statues in person and learn up on how they’re created. Free publicity, live from the Oscar Complex.

I, a longtime Oscar scholar of sorts, practically skipped my way up the stairs to reach the over-sized Oscar manning the door for the free exhibit.

The exhibit consisted of headshots of nominees and display cases lined with Oscars, some awarded in the past (Hepburn! “The Lion in Winter!”), others set to be awarded tonight. I was free to walk about, check out the pieces, take some photographs that never quite come out because there’s reflection off the glass…

Good times, right?

It was different, that’s for sure. Sure, it’s interesting to see the various working models used to create an Academy Award, but I didn’t exactly press my face up against the glass, either.

Truth? An Oscar doesn’t really feel like an Oscar if a film type isn’t gripping it.