Perez Hilton maddens me for a myriad of reasons that I’ll probably get into during a soapbox moment in the near future, but for whatever reason, I checked out his Pepto-colored site this evening and discovered one good quality about the page:

It featured a new Tori Amos track, “Big Wheel.”

I’m hoping against all hopes that I can find a site other than Perez that has the track available, so I can remove this link and give you a hint of the music without sending you his way. Until then, you can go here for a listen.

First thoughts? Love the attitude and was surprised to realize that Tori still manages to surprise. Think the countdown from eight is gratitous and grating — haha she said sex instead of six and I’m over it — and wonder how she imagines a bridge of “I am a MILF” to go over (Didn’t she get the memo that that expression should ne’er be used again?). The instrumentation is a departure and I really enjoy it.

I’m intrigued about the rest of the album.

(Seriously, if you find a link to this, write me and let me know.)