STARBUCKS, early Wednesday afternoon. VICTORIA and BETH are chatting with their favorite local baristas, all of whom have taken to consoling the girls on the loss of their beloved maple lattes. A RUFUS WAINWRIGHT song is playing through the speakers.

VICTORIA: What song is this? I don’t know it.
BARISTA: Oh, let me check. It’s by…um…
VICTORIA and BETH: Rufus Wainwright.
VICTORIA: Sigh. Love me some Rufus.
BETH: His voice always sounds the same.
VICTORIA: Shut your mouth!
BARISTA: The song is —
Whatever BARISTA says is drowned out by sound of steamer.
BARISTA: It’s part of this cover album with all sorts of different people. Dido’s covering James Taylor, and Bright Eyes is on it.
BARISTA: Yeah. Bright Eyes can be hit or miss. There are some songs that I really like, and others I just can’t listen to.
VICTORIA: I’m the same way. I have some Bright Eyes songs that I absolutely adore.
BARISTA: Have you seen the Coachella DVD?
BARISTA: There’s this one song — it’s amazing. You need to see it. The sun is setting just right and he’s singing about being on the subway in New York and you just want to cry.
VICTORIA: You shed your one little emo tear and wipe it away with your sleeve?
BARISTA: Yeah, you just realize, “Man, I’ve just so been there, man. That is so right on, man. Just — yeah, man.”
VICTORIA: “Oh Conor Oberst, you speak the stories of my soul.
BARISTA: “You BE, man. You just…be.”