I took some NyQuil a short time ago, so my head’s starting to feel a bit heavy and (oh so) cotton-balled, which made me think that perhaps I was seeing wrong numbers when I headed over to the Manny Sells a Grill auction on eBay.

(I recommend that you check out Bostonist’s post on this for details. I haven’t the energy.)

Before I headed out to exercise early this evening, the top bid was just shy of $5,000. Now — and this is where I feared the NyQuil kicked in — it’s at $25,000 and climbing like mad.

What. The…

I’m just going to say that I really hope this turns into a hefty donation to the Jimmy Fund, as I hate to think of the penny-pinching many Sox fans turn to in order to be able to afford going to Fenway for a game. Manny makes how much again? Exactly.

Newsflash, gang: that steak isn’t going to taste any better with the knowledge that Manny used the piece once. Odds are good that he fired it up and decided to give up the cooking before the meat reached the grill — Manny’s known for cutting out early.

Besides, if it’s for the autographed ball? Show up at a game early. Head on down to Fort Myers. That’s what my father did — and he’s got the autographed ball and photograph to show for it.

You won’t be able to read the signature anyway. It’s just a scribble. Pesky beats Manny’s arse when it comes to penmanship.

(Note: in the time it took to write this post, the bid went from about $20,000 to … here’s the update … $40,000. Again. What. The…)