As is the case with many a band, I’m signed up for the Ryan Montbleau Band e-mail list. I find Ryan’s occasional dispatches above par in music-email circuits, much like the way Guster makes each update of tour information about shows I can’t make surprisingly entertaining. The words that come from Montbleau’s fingertips are typically informative, appreciative and, in the case of the unsubscribe information, amusingly random.

Anyway, there was a new e-mail sent out today: part thanking the Boston crowd for the Paradise sellout, part updating everyone on another round of touring. As I scrolled down through the far-away shows, en route to seeing what Ryan has imagined we might prefer to do than receive his mass correspondence, a photo caught my eye.

The Ryan and the Bunny Shot, one of several Easter Bunny photos I snapped at Paradise on Saturday night. And while those within RMB circles know what was up, I realized that I never mentioned here that good ol’ EB made a cameo on the Paradise stage over the weekend.

For those confused by the image (and if I hadn’t been among the 700 at the ‘Dise that night, I’d be equally befuddled), I’ll send you over to this YouTube link so as to see the video of “Eggs” that included candy and dancing from the Mr. Cottontail himself.

Having already gotten my shots for the night and given up my spot at the stage, I was off to the side of the house when Holliday came out for the guest appearance. I completely lucked into this shot, but I’m glad people are getting a kick out of it. I’d laughed myself silly upon reviewing my memory card’s contents.

I think Ryan’s expression is what amuses me so much. That and the “Donnie Darko” thoughts that come to mind.