I’ve never been good at that rainy day theory, except for that one year I discovered that I was way too good at it, but we don’t speak of that.

Before I left Vermont, friends and family back home gifted me with a couple of goodies – gift cards to here and there – that I forced myself to forget about. Out of sight, out of mind until the time was right.

A lazy, rainy Sunday reminded me of the expression, which then reminded me of the special currency in a box in my apartment. After a hectic couple of weeks, I wanted pretty things. Nice things. Musical things.

I went shopping. Hit up the iTunes store.  I met up with Nicole for a little window shopping, dress lusting and treat buying.

And while the dark skies may have played a factor in the decision to download the Dresden Dolls’ “Yes, Virginia,” I’m now totally digging the idea of setting those pennies aside.