This would have been a much snarkier post had I been able to ruminate earlier today, when I’d first started laughing over the predicament faced by Red Sox fans these days. At the moment, Boston’s losing to New York, 6-1, so it’s not quite as much fun.

But still. Until game’s end, we’re still up 10.5. Hoo-ah.

Really funny commentary on today, a piece that touches upon what I keep hearing during my WEEI-soundtracked drives. Eric Wilbur examines how difficult it is for Red Sox fans to enjoy being up in the standings.

I’ll admit that I’ve been angry while listening to and, later, watching this game. I’m not sitting back, sipping lemonade and assuming that the Red Sox are going to glide into a pennant. Even the playoffs. I know better. I’ve seen what the Sox can do to make their fans drink, cry or both.

But the fans have been hilarious calling into WEEI, seemingly doing their best to poke holes into what (tonight aside) has been a tightly-woven tapestry of well-played baseball. EVERYTHING, fans say, is a weakness waiting to happen.

The surprisingly incredible job by Oki? Well, batters are going to figure him out any time now and then we’re screwed. 

Wakefield having one of his best seasons in years (again, tonight’s hanging knuckleballs excused)? Well, the tables have to turn on that one. And then we’re screwed.

The Beckett avulsion? This is the Beckett we heard about in Florida. We’re TOTALLY screwed.

You can add loads more: Manny not batting. Coco’s offense. Drew. Tek spending too much time working with the pitchers, not enough time working on his swing. It goes on and on and on.

The on-air personalities have been laughing, same as I. Can’t we enjoy this? Can’t we take one day and realize that we can savor the view up at the top?

First place, guys. Wear your hats proudly for a day and don’t bend your brims with anxiety.

And yet I say that knowing that tomorrow morning, the phone banks will be full with calls of “I told you so.”