Inspired by The Chaci

Today I learned that if all else fails, I might have a calling as the van driver for an up and coming band. Or a prep school. Or an ice cream delivery company. Anything that involves driving and carefully navigating a large van.

The task had taken “whirlwind” to a new level: awake in the morning, drive to Vermont, move absurdedly huge couch out of Burlington apartment, load couch into van, drive back to Massachusetts, keel over. It was my only day available to complete the last task remaining for me as a Burlingtonian, and it was to be a quick and painless affair.

Only hitch: I’d never driven a large van before. Hell, I’d never driven a soccer mom van before. And while I took a course during college so that I could drive a van during the Playhouse Summer, neither the course nor my Playhouse tasks required me to ever take the wheel.

As it turns out, driving my brother’s beast along the highways was a breeze – a lot of fun, actually. As I sat in the throne that is the driver’s seat, I blared Dave Matthews (it’s a punk van, so that made it even better), drank my iced coffee and bobbed my way along. And when the time came to back the van down a relatively long and narrow driveway? Like nothing. Like I’d been doing it all my life. Like the granddaughter of a man who was known for being able to navigate big rigs through alleys with two inches to spare on either side.

The performance was certainly nothing like that you’d expect from a gal who then jumped out of the van, darted around and jumped up and down saying, “Did you SEE THAT? Did you SEE THAT SKILL? That was AWESOME! Can we just take a moment to APPRECIATE THIS?!”

With the return of the van to Massachusetts brought to an end the Great Moving Weekend, one that began at 6:30 a.m. Saturday so as to transport the goods of one Ms. Nicole and took a hiatus during the eight or so hours spent at the Hatch Shell yesterday for EarthFest. Photos were taken, songs were played, sunburn was almost entirely avoided (this is a marvel with which I’ve still yet to come to terms) and words are being written. In the meantime, a quick preview:

add-8 Scott - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Celebrities KT Tunstall Chad - Chad Perrone (Trio)