Two notes from today’s game:

— I love Mike Lowell. I think the guy’s incredible and has turned around the opinion of even the naysayers who grimaced when the thirdbaseman made the trip north to Boston with Beckett. I’ve made my favorable opinion of him clear.

That said, I don’t like the stunt against Robinson Cano. How could I applaud that when I complained about A-Rod doing something similar against Pedroia? It would have been fine except for elbow that was slightly raised – and the defense he offered to the play.

“They taught me how to do it,” he said, according to the Globe. That’s no excuse or justification. That’s just unfortunate. We’re a classier organization here and I don’t like that kind of conduct.

— Roger Clemens’ Monday start has been scrapped because of a groin injury. I chortled upon hearing the news. I’d given him eight games before the groin kicked in, but know what? This is just glorious.