I fell in love on the Fourth of July.

The object of my affection is slight of frame but full of love, with a fondness for nibbling, contorting and demanding the attention of everyone in the room. Big eyes, big ears, big…paws.

The apartment into which I will be moving in less than two months is now home to a little kitten – the most adorable feline with which I’ve come in contact. When I walked in yesterday afternoon to see the tiny mass of gray and white fur on stretched out, looking up at me – bam. Love.

My fingers turned into kitten chew toys yesterday evening. And while I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day I will be able to claim a space in the city as my own, now I can’t wait to come home to that little space and have little Alice/Carly/Carlton (name is pending) waiting.

Wuv. Twue wuv…