— I didn’t attend Mayer’s show last night at TDBN Garden, as I’d just seen him in February and I’d wanted to take in week two of the Chad “You may have heard my name 7,000 times on WBOS today” Perrone (heh) residency at the Paradise Lounge, but I was listening to some live JM today and realized just how much I miss hearing “Neon” live. Given the blues slant the guy’s taken over the last couple of years, wouldn’t it make sense to make fans go crazy for a night by adding it into a set list? John. Make it happen. Make sure someone’s recording that night. Please and thank you.

— Yes, like just about everyone else on the planet, I can’t wait until Harry Potter comes out at 12:01 a.m. Saturday. I’ll be at Harvard Hogwarts Square with friends to wait impatiently and take in the spectacle on Friday evening. The camera will be there as well.

— On the Harry Potter movie: Good. Some of the visuals were outstanding. But let’s face it, it was viewed as a necessary plot developing movie, the first that felt as if it was absolutely one of a series that wouldn’t be able to stand on its own whatsoever. Oh, and Harry Potter having chiseled cheekbones freaked me out a little.