— Call it what you will: an attempt at maintaining a competitive edge that was busted by the league, a way of taking a lashing but also undermining the video usage of other teams (one really sneaky defensive move), competition between two former colleagues, an attempt to see how much the head coach of a dominating football team could get away with. Whatever it was, Videogate culminated this evening with the New England/San Diego matchup at Foxboro and I was as happy as any other New England fan to watch the Pats completely dominate. It was GLORIOUS, especially given the ridiculous manner in which the SD organization tried to make sure no one on the Pats side got word of their gameplan. Guess what, guys! It didn’t matter because it seems that your team didn’t even get word of the gameplan.

— Jeers to Channel 7 news for their horrible Red Sox tease. With huge grins on their beaming faces, the anchors for the post-game news animately chirped about what an AMAZING night it was for Boston sports teams! Let’s start with the Pats! Yay! They won! They then took it to Fenway, where an equally chirpy reporter talked about what an AMAZING night it was at the ol’ park! Let’s go to the clips and not reveal the score! Happy voiceover talks about how it was all set for Ortiz – two down, bottom of nine, tying and winning runs on base before he…flies out to end the game! Wasn’t it REMARKABLE! I thought we’d actually pulled off the win, thanks to you losers.

— On the drive home, chatting on Tom Brady’s baby saga, I was laughing about little baby JET when Michelle made the most brilliant remark: “I want her to get knocked up again. Have a little girl. And then name her Peyton.”