I’m working on a Bostonist post (to be available for viewing tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest) about today’s Rally Monday festivities at City Hall Plaza, but here are a couple of quick hit notes on the evening:

– I have tons of photographs that are uploading to the flickr as we speak.
– I have never had a crush on a baseball player before. Ever. Thanks for ruining my streak, Javier Lopez. Goodness gracious, that man is beautiful.
– Amazing how TC and Tina can switch from straight-faced to television grin in .5 seconds.
– Papelbon should become a motivational speaker after he retires from baseball. Dude grabs the mic and the crowd goes silent. It’s kind of creepy.
– I can’t go anywhere right now without running into a Tim Blane performance. This is not a bad thing at all – just funny as hell.
– I still don’t understand why Peter Tork was there. I have no idea. Has he always been a Sox fan?
– Did I mention that Javier Lopez is an incredibly good-looking creature?
– Dancing and singing along to “Dirty Water” as the Standells perform in front of you vs. dancing and singing along to “Dirty Water” after a Sox win? I’m almost a little torn.
– Next year: Bring the Diamond to Boston.