Nicole (longtime friend, firsttime roommate) and I met, in a roundabout kind of way, through my blog.

I say roundabout because really, what drove us together was the guy getting testy as he asked a small group of people outside the Tribe Theater for money. It was raining, the doors to the space were locked, and the brunette girl standing nearby and I huddled together with the hopes that the guy wouldn’t go after two girls who were clearly close friends and ready to kick ass on behalf of the other.

After this, we actually got to introducing ourselves. Things like that bond people. And as we introduced, Nicole asked if she’d met me before. A few mutually puzzled moments later, she asked if I wrote a blog. And if it was called Revelry (which, at that time, it was). And then she said that she read my blog.

It was funny. Random, to be sure. I wasn’t used to that sort of thing, and I was so surprised that a seemingly reasonable, well-adjusted girl read my blatherings that I invited her to sit with me and my friend for the show that was about to take place.

Friendship ensued. Score one for the Internets!

I recall this because I don’t get much opportunity to meet and chat with fellow bloggers face-to-face. Whether it’s that blogging acquaintances live out of town or that I don’t ever extend an email to tell them that I dig their work (they always just seem so much cooler than I am), personal bloggers tend to just exist out in some corner of cyberspace to me. Which is why it’s funny to read Boston bloggers talking about places with which I’m familiar…but hey.

(You’d think that Bostonist would have taught me to get out of my shell, blog-wise…)

So it’s with glee that I’m gearing up for Blogtoberfest. Real live people! Beer! Real live people with beer!

What’s this? This is the makings of a really fun evening, friends. One that I’d recommend you check out. Jenny Frazier has organized the event, which will take place Oct. 25 at The Pour House on Boylston Street here in Boston. There are a bunch of bloggers (somewhere around 50, it seems) that will be in attendance to meet, chat and drink – and there are prizes (whee!). AND…it’s within walking distance of my place. Hoooo-lordy. Let the games begin.

Seriously, though, it’s going to be a lot of fun and I personally am looking forward to being able to put actual faces with flickr accounts, names with URLs and otherwise have a good time. If you’re interested in joining in the fun, head on over to the Blogtoberfest site and register – I hope to see you there!