Blogtoberfest! Game 2! Fun! Revelry! Beer!

Oh goodness.  I’m looking forward to this evening.

I’m going to be over at the Pour House tonight (6 p.m.) for Blogtoberfest 2007 (thank you, Jenny!) Good times, new people, promises of FREE CHEESE!

But I’ll be skipping out a smidge early to high-tail it back here. Why?

Well, I can’t abandon the team now, can I? The Live Blog will be back, in full force, but with one change…

It’ll be over at Bostonist tonight. Woot!

So, commenters, here’s what I’d recommend: head over to Bostonist. If you haven’t registered yet, please do (seriously, it’s easy, do iiiiiit). And then look for the same goofiness that we’ve had here, just over there.

And get your comment on, please!