Thank you to the following (listed in no particular order other than that which comes to mind):

– All of those that swung by Bostonist last night to comment during the Game 2 Live Blog Extravaganza! I really enjoyed the experience of carrying over the process to the -Ist, and I hope all that participated enjoyed as well. Makes it that much nicer that we got a win out of the deal.

– Jenny Frazier for bringing together everything for Blogtoberfest! The downstairs area of the Pour House was packed with blogging types and it was lovely to meet some of the people that were there. I didn’t have a chance to meet nearly as many as I would have liked, but I was admittedly A) shy and B) required to duck out earlier than most in order to make it back in time for the LB.

– H&M for making the short-sleeved jumper I bought who-knows-when and am sporting tonight for the first in a couple of Halloween gatherings I’ll be attending over the next few days. I couldn’t decide initially whether I would wind up going with a 50s diner waitress look (let’s face it, I’ve always wanted an excuse to wear cat-eye glasses and a nametag sporting “Laverne”) or…

– The Red Sox/Dropkick Murphys for making it easy for me upon realizing that I hadn’t the time to get said glasses or nametag. If “Tessie” hadn’t been readopted as an athem, I’d be looking awfully silly right now.

(Don’t even say it. Do not. Besides, if Britney taught us nothing in our time, it’s that people CAN get away with occasionally rocking knee-highs or socks of equivalent makeup, skirts and sneakers.)