Inside T, traveling underground, where cell phone service should not be available. Cell phone rings. Cue sound of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” (because yeah, it’s like that when the people call!)

VICTORIA:     Hello?
MOM:                Hi, honey! How about Curt?
VICTORIA:     Schilling?
MOM:                Yes! We heard that he re-signed.
VICTORIA:     Yes, he did. One more year.
MOM:                Do you know the details?
VICTORIA:    Off the top of my head? Uh, $14 million total possible payoff. $8 million base salary, a slew of incentives…how am I speaking to you right now?
MOM:                What do you mean?
VICTORIA:     I’m on the T.
MOM:               Oh. That’s strange.
VICTORIA:    Yeah.
MOM:               Where are you going?
VICTORIA:   Davis Square. Picking up Chipotle and bringing it home. One of those days.
MOM:               You do that. Call me when you get home.
VICTORIA:   OK. This is still weird.
MOM:              Love you. Now go get the Sox to re-sign Lowell.
VICTORIA:   Love you.  I’m working on it. Bye for now.
MOM:              Bye.