I don’t want to sound jaded or bitter…

But I’m sitting here now, watching Joe Shortsleeve’s exclusive report on problems inside the Boston Public Library. They’re mentioning that people have found their bags or items stolen, that homeless people are found sleeping inside, and that people get in fights within the space.

Let it be said that I don’t want to think this way, but how is a public library different than anywhere else in Boston? If have a gym bag with $350 worth of gear in it, you ought to be keeping a hand on that thing. It’s a warm space during what’s turning into a chilly season, so of course members of the homeless community will be seeking some refuge. Sometimes people fight, and while I’d prefer to think that getting that copy of a book isn’t worth coming to blows, who am I to say anything?

A public library reflects the public. This is Boston.

Stuff happens.