After I realized that I had crossed my third intersection without need to pause for signal cooperation, and after what was altogether a good day gearing up for a good evening with good company, I came to decide that I was having what one might consider a lucky day.

So why not?

I stopped by a small store near my street and bought a $5 Red Sox scratch ticket. Headed home with the ticket waiting in my purse, then relaxed for a bit.

When the moment felt right, I pulled out said ticket and reached into my pocket for one of the heads up pennies I’d come across over the last few days.

My lucky number, 13, was the first number listed under my winning numbers and the first revealed from my regular number scratching. I went on to win four times on the card and ended up with $20 in winnings, a $15 profit.

I guess I just kind of knew, you know?


Happy Thanksgiving to you all (or, at least, to the American portion of the readership)! I hope tomorrow is full of turkey or Tofurkey and whatever else is a traditional item on your holiday menu. I know the table at my family’s gathering will feature the real bird, the fake bird (convincingly massaged into bird-like shape), and the other various components that make a home smell delicious on a particular November Thursday.

And pie. Lots of pie.

Safe travels, happy eating, and may Green Bay win the game.