There was a contingent of people who didn’t understand why I (and others of similar mindset) wanted to stand outside Fenway Park during the home post-season games that paved the way to the World Series win. Why stand on a street where you might be able to find a television to watch, but otherwise will be listening to people within a park cheering or reacting to things you can’t see?

In a warped sort of way, it’s because of things like this:

A StubHub spokeswoman declined to say how many tickets for the home opener have already been sold on the website, but she said the average selling price was $728. She said prices have ranged from $334 for a bleacher seat with a face value of $26 to $2,683 for a field box seat with a face value of $125.

StubHub even has a Red Sox season ticket for sale. The right field box seat at Fenway Park, with a face value of roughly $4,000 for all 81 home games, is currently on sale for $14,500.

One season ticket holder, who asked not to be identified because she fears the team might revoke her season tickets, said season ticket holders are posting tickets for sale now because buyers want them now.

“Red Sox tickets make great Christmas gifts, but the truth is that companies are buying many of them. They’re the only ones that can afford them,” she said.

Another season ticket holder, who asked not to be identified for the same reason, said he can typically resell a handful of his game tickets and recoup the entire cost of his season tickets. “The money is just too good to pass up,” he said.

Ticket sales are going up. Scalping continues to be a huge issue. The Sox won this year and have a sharp team already in development for 2008. Demand is only going to be greater, which means that people are going to do more and more to get their hands on those tickets (SEE: Hannah Montana craze).

Why did I want to stand outside the park? Because I wanted to get as close as I could to my favorite team as they pursued a championship. And because I want to show my support without financing my life away or catering to people who should have their season tickets stripped away.

(In other words, because I’m neither stupid nor a douchebag.)