A text message received from my friend Bree shortly after entering Gillette Stadium tonight:

I was either sitting next to you or your twin on a train to the pats game just now!

It was me. Truly was. Completely oblivious to the (admittedly slim) possibility of running into a friend at the game – let alone on the way – and entirely fixated on the idea of finding a seat that would allow me to converse with my game partner in crime J, I’d never even looked at the face of the person sitting to my left.

Who was a friend of mine.


Anyway, the Patriots came perilously close to losing their first game of the season tonight. Who would have expected a close game against Philly, one in which A.J. Feeley (not even McNabb!) would show better stuff as a quarterback than Tom Brady?

I’ll have further ruminations, including the amusement provided by the fans seated around us, but for now, sleep is a top priority.