If television is embracing Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” for anything at all even remotely related to Boston, why don’t we just go all out? I believe that every cell phone issued with a 617 area code should have the song as a default ringtone – and you can’t change it. At least one, but ideally more, clock tower within the general metro area should have its chime programs changed so as to play the song on the hour. All buskers given performances passes for the T should be required to perform a cover of the song twice a day. Green teddy bears wearing Boston teddy-sized t-shirts with buttons that you push to play the song.

(In other words: I dig the Celtics as much as the next person, but that song is meant for DKM concerts, certain Sox games, and viewings of “The Departed.” Please and thank you.)