via text message

T: What do you think is going to happen today with the Sox and Santana?
V: Hope we get him for Lester and a minor leaguer. Think and worry that we will lose Ellsbury. You?
T: Same. I’d prefer they take Coco.
T: But man, how unstoppable wout that make our rotation?! 1 – Beckett 2 – Santana 3 – Dice K Year Two 4 – Schilling 5 – Wake. I mean, Wake as your weak link? I’ll take it.
V: I will give you that, but I want Jacoby here.
T: Likewise, but Jacoby could be something great. Santana is something great.
V: We have pitching now. We need a marquee CF.
T: But we had the best record in baseball with Coco in CF. Don’t you think Santana will add a win or two?
T: And, if we resign Gagne, we will not lose a game all year. Mark. My. Words.
V: I was waiting for that. HAHAHA.
T: In all seriousness, Gagne will have a good year in 08, wherever he ends up. There is no way a guy that talented can continue to struggle like this.
V: I just wonder about his mental state as one of the Sox. Pedroia should chat with him.
T: He will return to a Game Over level. I just hope it’s here.
V: You wanted his head on a stick. Remember that.
T: We all say things we don’t mean in times of stress.
V: I am sure he understands that it was only the stress talking.
T: I hope so. But he hasn’t returned my calls, so I’m starting to get worried.
V: Flowers. Always send flowers.
T: Does Hallmark have a card that says, “Sorry I called for your ritual beheading?” Oy. Bigmouth strikes again.