T: The dream is over.
V: Does Hallmark have a card to say “I am really sorry your godawful pitcher has skipped out of town?”
T: Career year. Mark my words.
V: I am sorry, kid. Did he at least call to say goodbye?
T: With the internet, Milwaukee isn’t really that far away.
V: Good deal and you can be there in no time to support him again.
T: Oh, Eric Gagne. You will always be a RedSock to me.
V: May he live forever in infamy.
T: Career year.
V: Let’s bet on it. Loser treats winner to dinner.
T: Well, what defines a career year?
V: Ha! At this point, I will say that 15 saves is worthy of celebration.
T: 20. Yer on.
V: Aw yeah! Your faith is strong. I will enjoy proving you wrong.
T: Whatever. 20 saves.
V: We have to get tix for the MIL-BOS series in May.
T: Indeed.