The 60 Minutes profile of Alex Rodriguez was just absolutely laughable.

The most challenging question: Are you worth [more than $300 million]?

Really, Katie Couric? Really?

What I would ask A-Rod:
– Tell me about what it’s like in the locker room, with you, Jeter, Damon, and these superstar players. What is the spirit there?
– Does Steinbrenner scare you? Awe you?
– How did you feel when Joe Torre announced his departure?
– How important is sportsmanship in the playing of the game (mentioning, of course, the slap and the Toronto psych-out)?
– How does it feel to watch other teams celebrating World Series titles?

Among others. Many, many others.

I can see her exclusive with Billy B. at the end of the Pats season.

Did it hurt your feelings to hear people call you a cheater?