If my father is reading (which he rarely does, so I feel safe posting this), STOP NOW or I will give you hell on Christmas morning.

I’m serious, Dad.

Okay. Spotted today:

— A man sitting on a chair by the sidewalk, displaying signs asking for nothing more than smiles from passersby.

— One of the Jesus Men shouting Bible-speak at a living statue who, appropriately enough, was frozen in a pose that called for a bemused smirk and one hand on a hip.

— An older gent rocking a dapper plaid cap – one that was like a scally cap, only with a black yarn ball perched on top. It was glorious. I told him as much.

— Kevin Youkilis, signing Red Sox DVDs at FYE.

— Victoria Welch, standing in the cold to get a Red Sox DVD signed by Kevin Youkilis, psyched over running into an excellent gift idea for her father.

— Victoria Welch, meeting (for about 1.5 seconds, but still) her favorite player on the Sox roster.

All in all, a good day to be in DTX…