This may make me sound like a complete dork. But let’s face it: if you didn’t know I am a dork by now, it’s about time you learned that I am. I’m okay with it. You should be just as fine with it as I am.

After a day spent gallivanting around town, taking in dinner and a movie, then making my Boston karaoke debut, I came home and immediately logged onto my computer to buy the Juno soundtrack off iTunes. Phenomenal – and that’s saying something, as I tend to be largely anti-soundtrack.

Juno does it right – the kind of movie that elicits laughter and squirms (audience shoutout awkward squirms, no less) at the right moments and leaves you smiling when you walk out of the theater. It’s a movie that makes you remember just why you want to take in a night at a picture show. One of the best films I saw this year.

With some bitchin’ tunes.