The official title of my long walk around Boston on an unusually warm Saturday afternoon was Errand Running. Given that I didn’t actually accomplish anything except getting some good exercise, the unofficial title of Enjoying the City in December Without Freezing would be more accurate, but it’s also much more cumbersome. Errand Running it was.

It proved to be a glorious idea, given the haze that draped over the buildings and the sound of Travis piping through my earbuds (seriously, “The Invisible Band” is perfect for wandering the city this time of years). I was in an amazing mood as I walked about, smiling at couples as they shared kisses on the sidewalks and pathways, wishing a good day to the doorman at a hotel, and otherwise relishing the positive energy that had swept over me.

Then I stopped at the Pru and realized that my debit card had gone missing in action somewhere along the way. Figures. Back to home to cancel the card and sigh with relief at no unexpected charges.  As it turns out, Travis is awfully good to listen to when that happens, too.

I took in the Patriots/Giants game at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, where most of the televisions were set for football and one broadcast the Rangers game for a new friend of mine. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter multiple times as the games overlapped and our three-top was shouting at televisions every which way.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” That was directed to the Pats.
“FIVE ON THREE! FIVE ON THREE!” That went to the Rangers.

And wouldn’t you know, it was a win-win for our small group of viewers. Took in both games and both of our teams took home victories (16-0! 16-0!).