I’ve just posted my review of Hot Stove, Cool Music over at Bostonist, and you can view it by heading right on over here. A snippet:

A year ago, this particular Bostonist tore into Hot Stove, Cool Music with a ferocity most often seen perhaps in rabid dogs. An event billed as top-notch synergy between Boston’s sports and music circles left us wondering if we’d missed the tabletop covered with Kool-Aid in Dixie cups, because we viewed the night as a musical an uninspired, over-hyped musical event.We refuse to believe that we’ve mellowed in a mere year’s time, but it’s important to acknowledge that our take on Peter Gammons’ annual fundraiser, back at Paradise in its usual Sunday night slot earlier this week, has changed. Was there such a huge difference between 2007 and 2008? No, although there were noticeable improvements this time ’round. Did the night seem sweeter because of the presence of two championship trophies in the Paradise Lounge? Not really (although it did help).

By mentioning last year’s take on the event, I am referring to this lovely little bit of wordage.

Additionally, a few sites have picked up the post I wrote about Bronson Arroyo’s modified take on Augustana. I updated the original post just now, because Red Sox Chick (seriously, read this blog, as I’m a big fan of it) had video and transcribed lyrics that I couldn’t hear for all the shrieking. Huzzah!